Evebot coffee printer EB-FT4 - Universal printer for printing images on coffee and other drinks

Evebot EB-FT4 Standard Coffee Printer: Monochrome printing for your business

Introduction to the Art of Coffee in Business

The Evebot EB-FT4 is a unique solution for coffee shops, restaurants and bars looking to add a special touch to their drinks offering. This printer allows you to create sophisticated and elegant single-color images on the surface of coffee and other drinks, making each cup a unique work of art.

In Georgia's busy coffee shops and restaurants, it is essential to differentiate your brand. Using coffee art by printing on coffee foam not only attracts customers, but also turns each cup into a part of your brand's story that can be shared.

Evebot EB-FT4: One-color innovation in the world of coffee art

The Evebot EB-FT4 is a revolutionary solution in the world of coffee printers, designed for those looking to add a creative touch to their drinks. This printer features the ability to print single-color images onto the surface of coffee, cocktails, beer and other drinks, turning each cup into a work of art.

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Unique features of Evebot EB-FT4:

  • Monochrome Printing: Users can choose from multiple available print colors, allowing them to create sophisticated and stylish designs on any surface.
  • Ease of Use: The Evebot EB-FT4 printer is designed for ease of use for all users. Its intuitive interface and ease of setup make it accessible even to those who have no experience with such technology.
  • Compact and Portable: With dimensions of 34x27x41 cm and a weight of 13 kg, this printer easily integrates into any commercial or home space.

Benefits for users:

The Evebot EB-FT4 not only enhances drinks, but also brings an element of interaction and fun to the serving experience, making it ideal for coffee shops, restaurants and bars looking to stand out from the competition. Its use helps attract new visitors interested in a unique experience.

Why coffee printing?

Evebot EB-FT4 is more than just a coffee printer. It is a tool for expressing creativity that allows every establishment or household to add a touch of originality to the usual drinking ritual. With Evebot EB-FT4, every cup becomes a canvas to express your style and taste.

Discover the new wave of restaurant business with innovative coffee technologies

From Tbilisi to Batumi, from Kutaisi to Telavi, the Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printer brings innovation to the traditional beverage serving process. This device opens up new possibilities for cafes, bars, restaurants and even home users, allowing everyone to create unique coffee art.

Transform your beverage service in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi

Find out how the latest trend in the restaurant industry—personalized coffee art—can enhance your brand and customer experience. By purchasing a coffee printer, you can capture special moments directly on your drinks, creating an unforgettable experience for your customers.

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Increasing the attractiveness of establishments

In cafes and restaurants in Tbilisi, Evebot EB-FT4 helps to attract visitors by offering them not only delicious drinks, but also a unique visual pleasure. Printing your favorite patterns or texts on the surface of drinks becomes a powerful argument for those who are looking for new experiences.

Events and holidays

In Batumi, famous for its resorts and tourist spots, Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printers can be used to create personalized drinks at private parties or city festivals, adding originality to any event.

Home use

In cities like Gori and Rustavi, where family values ​​play a big role, Evebot EB-FT4 becomes a wonderful addition to the comfort of home. Create personalized drinks for family dinners or parties, making every moment special.

Business and Entrepreneurship

In Kutaisi and Telavi, where the business environment is actively developing, Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printers offer entrepreneurs a unique way to stand out among competitors by offering customers something new and unusual in the everyday routine of coffee drinking.

Evebot EB-FT4 is the growth of your business and earnings

Evebot EB-FT4 is not just a coffee printer, it is a tool for business development, strengthening family traditions and improving the quality of life. No matter where you are in Georgia, this printer can add zest to your daily life and bring new ideas to your business. Let Evebot EB-FT4 be part of your story.

Boost your business in Tbilisi and Georgia with the Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printer: your number one business assistant

On the bustling streets of Tbilisi and throughout Georgia, businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to stand out and grow. The Evebot EB-FT4 Coffee Printer is a revolutionary solution that turns ordinary coffee into an extraordinary experience. This guide will show you how integrating this technological marvel can be a strategic move to grow your business and make it the talk of the town. Find out where to buy Evebot coffee printer in Tbilisi and Georgia and how it will become your number one business assistant, ultimately growing your business with an innovative coffee printer.

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Why choose Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printer?

The Evebot EB-FT4 Coffee Printer brings unrivaled innovation to your fingertips. With advanced technology, this printer can print any image, text or design onto the coffee foam layer, turning each cup into a personalized masterpiece. This feature not only improves customer satisfaction, but also increases social media visibility as customers share their unique coffee art online.

Improve your customer experience

Imagine the joy on your customers' faces when they are greeted with a cup of coffee with a personalized message or company logo. The Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printer offers an unrivaled customer experience, turning a simple coffee break into an unforgettable moment.

Marketing that pays for itself

The Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printer is a powerful marketing tool. By personalizing your coffee with your brand logo or special messages, you effectively engage your customers in a way that traditional advertising cannot match. This direct form of interaction not only strengthens customer loyalty, but also attracts new customers interested in this unique offer.

Grow your business with a coffee printer

In such a competitive market as Tbilisi, it is extremely important to differentiate your business. The Evebot EB-FT4 Coffee Printer allows you to offer something unique that sets you apart from traditional coffee shops and cafes.

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Stand out from your competitors

Increase your social media presence

Use custom coffee images as content for your social media. Encouraging customers to share their personalized coffee online can greatly improve your business's online presence and reach a wider audience.

Carrying out events and promotions

Use the Evebot Coffee Printer EB-FT4 during special events or promotions. By offering personalized coffee art at corporate events, weddings or birthday parties, you can diversify your service offerings and open up new sources of income.

Using a coffee printer. Result:

Using the Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printer in Tbilisi and throughout Georgia represents an unprecedented opportunity to develop your business. This innovative technology not only improves the customer experience, but also serves as a dynamic marketing tool, ensuring your business stands out from the competition. To buy an Evebot coffee printer in Tbilisi and Georgia, be sure to cooperate with official dealers and reputable online stores. Take this step today to transform your coffee offerings and cement your place as a market leader in the coffee industry.

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evebot ყავის პრინტერი - პროფესიონალების არჩევანი

Technical characteristics of the Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printer: An ideal choice for any establishment

Introducing the Evebot EB-FT4, a monochrome coffee printer that combines innovative technology and versatility, making it an ideal solution for cafes, restaurants, bars and even home use throughout Georgia.

Main characteristics:

  • Print Quality and Speed: Capable of printing images ranging from 4 to 10 cm in size at 200 dpi, delivering fast results in 20 to 40 seconds per drink.
  • Dimensions and weight: The printer has compact dimensions of 34x27x41 cm and a weight of 13 kg, which makes it easy to place in any interior.
  • Color Options: Prints in three colors - coffee, gold and green, allowing you to choose the perfect color for each image and drink.
  • Cartridge system: Uses separate cartridges, each of which is designed for 800 printing cycles, which makes the printer economical to operate.
  • Ink Safety and Lifespan: Water-based, odorless ink is FDA, Kosher and Halal certified, with a guaranteed shelf life of up to 12 months unopened cartridges and a shelf life of 6 months after opening.
  • Power Consumption and Electrical Rating: Operates on AC100V-240V 50/60HZ and consumes only 15 watts, making it an energy efficient choice.


Evebot EB-FT4 is suitable for printing on a variety of surfaces including lattes, cappuccino, cocktails, beer, macarons and cakes, making it a versatile solution for any establishment or home use in cities such as Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Telavi, Rustavi and Burn.

Benefits for your business:

Using Evebot EB-FT4 allows you not only to surprise your guests with unique drinks, but also to improve the overall experience of visiting your establishment, helping to increase customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Make memories with every sip

With just one click, customers can immortalize their favorite photos on coffee foam. This not only improves beverage service, but also significantly reduces wait times, improving overall efficiency.

შეიძინეთ evebot ყავის პრინტერი

Instructions for using the Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printer: Create the perfect drinks with ease

Purchasing the Evebot EB-FT4 coffee printer opens up new creative possibilities for your drinks. To take full advantage of your new device, follow these simple instructions.

Step 1: Install the Printer

  • Placement: Place the printer on a stable, level surface.
  • Power Connection: Connect the printer to a power source using AC100V-240V 50/60HZ.
  • Turning on the device: Turn on the printer using the power button on the device.

Step 2: Loading Cartridges

  • Opening the cartridge compartment: Open the cover located on the top of the printer.
  • Installing ink cartridges: Insert the ink cartridges (coffee, gold, or green) into the appropriate slots. Make sure they are firmly locked in place.

Step 3: Preparing the drink

  • Cup selection: Use a cup with a height of 5 to 18 cm. Make sure the cup is filled properly to ensure the best printing effect.
  • Placing the cup: Place the cup on the printer's dedicated platform.

Step 4: Print

  • Image Select: Select an image to print using a connected device or printer interface.
  • Start printing: Press the print button and wait for the process to complete (20-40 seconds depending on the complexity of the image).

Care and maintenance

  • Cleaning: Clean the print head and cup tray regularly to maintain print quality.
  • Replacing cartridges: Replace cartridges after their lifespan of 800 prints has expired.
  • Ink storage: Store unopened ink cartridges in a cool, dry place and use within 6 months of opening.


By following these simple instructions, you can maximize the potential of your Evebot EB-FT4, turning every drink into a small work of art. Enjoy the opportunity to create unique and memorable drinks for your guests or clients in any city in Georgia, be it Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi.

Where can I find the Evebot EB-FT coffee and beer printer?

The Evebot Fantasia EB-FT coffee printer can be viewed in Tbilisi.

Before you see the printer live, you can watch a lot of videos on our website, on the Evebot Georgia YouTube channel, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Then you can contact us and order a manager consultation. If necessary, we will come to your cafe, restaurant or hotel and hold a presentation of the coffee printer.

What can you print with the Evebot EB-FT printer?

The coffee printer is capable of making prints on all food products and drinks with a diameter of up to 10 centimeters.

The Evebot EB-FT Fantasia printer can easily create images for drinks such as coffee (lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos and other foamy coffee drinks), beer, cocktails, yoghurts and desserts. It is also easy and convenient to make prints on hamburgers, cookies, and confectionery products. Your imagination is limited only by the print area.

What does the Evebot EB-FT printer print with?

The Evebot printer prints with edible ink based on food coloring.

Evebot EB-FT Fantasia printer ink is safe to use. They have no taste or smell. Their safety is confirmed by the FDA certificate. The ink is also halal and kosher and is also suitable for vegetarians. It should be remembered that edible ink has an expiration date. 1 year from the date of production and half a year from the moment the cartridge was opened.

How long will the Evebot EB-FT cartridge last?

The cartridge for the Evebot EB-FT food printer is designed for 800 prints.

Just like with conventional printers, the quantity is calculated from average images. The consumption of each individual printer depends on what images the user prints. The more saturated the photo, the more dye will be used for this image.

How to buy an Evebot EB-FT food printer?

You can buy an Evebot printer in Tbilisi or order it with delivery to the regions of Georgia.

Delivery of printers in Tbilisi is free, delivery to the regions is at the buyer’s expense. If you order a printer with delivery to the regions, we will send the printer only after payment. Payment can be made either in cash or by bank transfer.

What is the warranty for the Evebot EB-FT coffee printer?

The warranty period for the Evebot EB-FT Fantasia coffee printer is 1 year.

In the event of a breakdown, the printer will be sent to the manufacturer's factory in China, so this will take a long time. The warranty does not apply to cartridges as they are consumables. Warranty repairs are carried out if the device fails due to a manufacturing defect. If the printer is broken due to the user's fault or due to excessive use, warranty repair will be denied.

How to make a drawing on coffee?

Make a design on your coffee drink with Evebot in Georgia.

You can use a selfie camera, which you can buy in addition to your coffee printer, or connect to the device and upload your photo or image from the Internet to it. Next, adjust the size of the design to match the size of the cup or baked goods you are going to print on. Next, click the “print” button and your image will be ready in a few seconds.