Evebot PrintPods for Tatoo - Handheld printer for creating temporary tattoos

Discover the future of self-expression with Evebot PrintPods

Evebot's innovative disposable tattoo printers offer a unique combination of technology and creativity, making it easier than ever to personalize your skin with temporary tattoos. Portable and compatible with any Wi-Fi device, these printers put the art of self-expression at your fingertips.

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Turn your skin into canvas in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi

Evebot's innovative disposable tattoo printers offer a unique combination of technology and creativity, making it easier than ever to personalize your skin with temporary tattoos. Portable and compatible with any Wi-Fi device, these printers put the art of self-expression at your fingertips.

Embrace the new body art trend

“COLOR YOUR SKIN, COLOR YOUR STORY” embodies the essence of Evebot PrintPods. Whether it's a party, an event or just personal fun, this device invites users of all ages to unleash their creativity and express themselves through temporary tattoos.

Safety and convenience: top priority

With safety in mind, Evebot uses food grade hypoallergenic ink to ensure a safe and hygienic application process. This ease of use combined with hygienic benefits makes Evebot an indispensable product in the growing temporary tattoo market in Georgia's busy cities.

Evebot PrintPods: A Revolutionary Solution for Temporary Tattoos

Evebot PrintPods offer a unique temporary tattoo solution by combining innovative printing technology with skin-friendly inks. This opens up new possibilities not only for individual users wishing to explore their individuality through the art of tattooing, but also for beauty and entertainment professionals.

Key benefits of using Evebot PrintPods for temporary tattoos:

  • Skin-Safe: The inks used in PrintPods are designed to be safe and skin-friendly, making the tattooing process safe for all ages.
  • Temporary: The ability to create temporary tattoos allows users to experiment with different designs without a long-term commitment or the need for removal.
  • Ease of Use: Evebot PrintPods enable fast and easy tattoo creation, reducing the time and complexity of the traditional temporary tattoo process.
  • Customization: Users can choose from a wide range of preset designs or create their own, offering endless possibilities for personalization and self-expression.
  • Multifunctional: In addition to personal use, PrintPods are ideal for professional use in beauty salons, parties, festivals and other events where temporary tattoos can become a statement piece.

Application in various fields:

  • Personal Use: Individuals can use PrintPods to create unique temporary tattoos, experimenting with different designs depending on their mood or event.
  • Beauty salons and tattoo parlors: Professionals may offer clients temporary tattoos as part of the service, allowing clients to "try on" the tattoo before getting a permanent design.
  • Events and Parties: Hosts can use PrintPods to create personalized temporary tattoos as entertainment for guests, supporting the theme of the event or simply adding an element of fun.
  • Educational Institutions and Art Workshops: Teachers and instructors can incorporate temporary tattoos into teaching or workshops to encourage creativity and self-expression among students.
  • Evebot PrintPods for Temporary Tattoos: Allows users to safely explore the world of tattooing, but also opens up new horizons for business and entertainment, offering a unique way to interact and express themselves.

Benefits of Using Evebot PrintPods for Temporary Tattoos

Explore the cutting-edge world of temporary tattoos with Evebot PrintPods, a disposable tattoo printer designed to bring your wildest designs to life right on your skin. Whether you're a tattoo artist exploring new areas of creativity or someone who loves the idea of ​​changing tattoos as often as your mood, PrintPods offers an unparalleled experience.

ინსტრუმენტი მარკეტინგის, რეკლამისა და ეტიკეტირებისთვის

For individual users:

  • Freedom of Expression: PrintPods provide the ability to easily explore different tattoo styles and designs without worrying about long-term consequences, perfect for those who want to express their individuality.
  • Save time and money: Instead of spending large sums on professional temporary tattoo services, users can create them themselves at their own convenience.
  • Safety and Hygiene: Using a personal tattoo device minimizes the risk of salon-related skin irritations or infections.

For professionals and businesses:

  • Expanding the range of services: Beauty salons, tattoo parlors and event organizers can offer clients a new service - temporary tattoos, which can attract a new audience and increase income.
  • Marketing Tool: Brands and companies can use PrintPods to create personalized temporary tattoos for promotional purposes, expanding their presence and awareness at events and promotions.
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty: Offering unique and personalized tattoo designs can strengthen customer relationships and keep them coming back.

For educational and creative fields:

  • Teaching Resource: PrintPods can serve as an excellent tool for teaching design and art, allowing students to practice drawing and composition skills hands-on.
  • Fostering Creativity: Providing a tool that makes it easy to bring creative ideas to life can inspire new projects and experiments.

Limitless possibilities

Using Evebot's PrintPods for temporary tattoos offers a unique combination of convenience, security and creative freedom, making it a valuable tool for a wide variety of users and professionals. Not only can it be used to express yourself or decorate an event, but it can also open up new business opportunities, expanding your service offerings and drawing attention to your brand.

გამოირჩევა სხვებისგან ტატუს პრინტერის გამოყენებით

Description and characteristics of Evebot PrintPods

Evebot PrintPods are a portable printing device that offers a unique combination of portability, convenience and print quality. Designed for a wide range of applications, from temporary tattoos to item personalization, PrintPods are becoming an essential tool for creativity and business. Below are the key features that make PrintPods stand out in the portable printer market.

Main characteristics:

  • Model: PrintPods.
  • Device size and weight: The device has compact dimensions of 52x43x95 mm and weighs only 160.5 g with cartridge, making it lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Cartridge Size and Weight: Each cartridge weighs 62.5g with dimensions of 80x44x30mm, providing long-lasting use without the need for frequent replacement.
  • Battery: Built-in 500 mAh 7.4V battery allows for more than 1000 continuous prints on a single charge, ensuring long-lasting operation without interruption.
  • Charging port: Modern USB Type-C port provides fast and convenient charging of the device.
  • PrintPods App: A companion app is available for Android and iOS operating systems, allowing users to easily select and customize designs for printing.
  • Motion Tracking Technology: Pull-type sensor provides precise tracking of printing motions, ensuring high accuracy and high quality images.
  • Printing accuracy: High printing resolution of 300 dpi allows you to achieve clear and detailed images.
  • Print Width: The maximum print width is 26mm (1.02 inches), ideal for creating both fine details and larger images.
  • Number of cartridge uses: Each cartridge is designed for 7,000 26mm×50mm prints, offering significant resource savings and reducing the need for frequent replacement.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support provides convenient and reliable network connectivity for data transfer and print management.
მოემზადე წვეულებისთვის. გაიკეთეთ ტატუ, რომელიც არ შეგიქმნით პრობლემებს. ის თავისით გაქრება
სტამბაში ახალი პროდუქტია PrintPods

A practical guide to using Evebot PrintPods

By following this guide, you can effectively use Evebot PrintPods to create unique temporary tattoos, as well as other creative ideas and projects.

Step 1: Preparing for use

  • Make sure your device is fully charged before use using a USB Type-C cable.
  • When using for the first time, please read the operating instructions to understand the basic functions and capabilities of the device.

Step 2: Install the cartridge

  • Open the cartridge compartment and carefully insert the cartridge until it clicks into place.
  • Make sure the cartridge is installed correctly and securely in the device.

Step 3: Connect to the PrintPods App

  • Download and install the PrintPods app on your Android or iOS mobile device.
  • Turn on PrintPods and connect to it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth following the instructions in the app.

Step 4: Selecting a design to print

  • Use the PrintPods app to choose from preset designs or create your own.
  • When creating tattoos, make sure that the design matches the size and location on the body.

Step 5: Preparing the Leather Surface

  • Make sure the leather is clean and dry before printing.
  • If necessary, use an alcohol swab to degrease the skin area.

Step 6: Improved Effect

  • To improve the effect, use a special spray.
  • If you don't have a special spray, you can use aerosol hairspray.

Step 7: Printing

  • Place PrintPods on your skin at the starting point of your chosen design.
  • Gently and slowly move the device along the skin, following the contours of the design displayed in the application.

Step 8: Care and storage

  • After use, clean the print head according to the instructions to prevent the ink from drying out.
  • Store PrintPods in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and high humidity.

Tips for best results:

  • Practice on paper or other materials before moving on to printing on leather to learn how to control the speed and pressure.
  • Use special skin care products after tattooing to increase its longevity and maintain the vibrancy of the colors.

Where can I view the PrintPods for tatoo?

Evebot PrintPods for tatoo can be viewed in Tbilisi by contacting us in advance.

You can see the PrintPods temporary tattoo printer in Tbilisi. Please make an appointment with our manager in advance, and they will come at the scheduled time to demonstrate the temporary tattoo printer to you.

Evebot PrintPods for tatoo warranty period.

The Evebot PrintPods for tatoo handheld printer comes with a 1-year warranty.

Important! The device cartridge is a consumable item and is not covered by the warranty. In case the printer breaks down, it will be repaired in China, which will result in a lengthy delivery process. Warranty repairs will be provided if the device malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect or a faulty device. Damage caused by the customer or due to excessive use is not covered under the warranty.

What types of images can be created with the PrintPods for tatoo?

PrintPods for tatoo prints any image you want.

You can choose any images from the internet or use the gallery of drawings on your device. You can also create text on the device and change the font to one you like.The drawings and text are limited by the width of the printer's print head, which is 26 millimeters or one inch. The length of the image can be up to one meter.

How long does a PrintPods for tatoo cartridge print?

The manufacturer claims the ability to produce up to 7,000 prints. But...

We are referring to the smallest and least dense images. In reality, the size and density of your prints can vary significantly, up to ten times more. As a result, ink consumption can differ greatly. Thus, the longer and more saturated your images are, the quicker the edible ink in the cartridge will be used up.

How safe is PrintPods for tatoo to skin?

Evebot PrintPods for temporary tattoos is safe for the skin.

PrintPods for temporary tattoos is safe for the skin, easily washable, and lasts on the skin for several days. If you apply hairspray to your skin before applying the tattoo, it will wash off even more easily than without using hairspray.

How does PrintPods for tatoo work?

Evebot PrintPods for tatoo works together with your phone via a wi-fi connection.

The process is quite straightforward. First, find and download the images you need to your mobile device. If you need text or a QR code, you can create them directly in the Evebot application. Once you have selected and downloaded an image, press the "PRINT" button on your phone to transfer the data to the printer. After that, you can proceed with printing.

How to buy PrintPods for tatoo in Georgia?

You can buy PrintPods for tatoo in our online store with delivery to any city in Georgia.

If you are in Tbilisi, our manager will deliver the device to you at the location you specify. Delivery of printers throughout Tbilisi is free. If you order a cartridge, delivery is carried out by courier at your expense.

Delivery to the regions of Georgia is carried out by transport companies after payment for the goods. We ship printers at our own expense. Consumables (cartridges) at the expense of the buyer.