Evebot mini drink printer EB-FM1 - ​​a compact printer for printing images on coffee and other drinks

Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1: A unique decoration for your bar or cafe

Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1 is an innovative device designed for decorating drinks with edible ink. With this compact and easy-to-use printer, you can instantly print any image or text directly onto the surface of coffee, cocktails, smoothies or even complex desserts. Designed for use in cafes, bars and restaurants, this printer helps businesses differentiate themselves in the market by offering customers a personalized experience they won't find elsewhere.

Key features:

  • Printing on any drinks: coffee, beer, cocktails, smoothies, milk drinks.
  • Print quickly and accurately: Create high-precision images instantly.
  • Food grade ink: safe to eat and will not affect the taste.

Benefits for your business:

  • A unique marketing tool: allows you to print logos and advertising messages directly on drinks.
  • Improved service levels: Provides customers with a memorable experience.
  • Easy to use: does not require special skills for operation and support.

Generator of your establishment's style:

Ideal for branding your establishment or marketing promotions, you can print logos, special offers or holiday messages directly onto your drinks. The device is easy to use and does not require complex setup, making it accessible even to inexperienced personnel.

Ease of use:

Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1 is a great way to add creativity to your service and create a unique atmosphere in any establishment. Thanks to its mobility and compact size, it easily integrates into any space without taking up much space on the bar counter.

Evebot EB-FM ყავის ბეჭდვის შესაძლებლობების პრეზენტაცია
სიყვარულით მომზადებული ყავა

Application possibilities of Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1

Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1 opens up new possibilities for customizing drinks in cafes, bars and restaurants, making every order special. Below are key use cases that can bring significant business value and customer satisfaction.

For cafes and coffee shops:

  • Drink Personalization: Add unique images or text messages to coffee or cocktails, making each drink personal.
  • Seasonal Promotions: Use your printer to create special designs to suit holidays or events such as Christmas or Halloween.
  • Sports Events: Create drinks that feature popular sports teams or events such as football matches, Olympics and world championships, offering guests a unique way to support their favorite teams.

For bars and restaurants:

  • Events and Private Parties: Offering beverage personalization services at events that strengthen customer relationships.
  • Brand Strengthening: Displaying a logo or slogan on drinks, which improves brand recognition.
  • Theme Nights: Creating specialty drinks for theme nights such as movie nights, vintage nights or cultural festivals, adding uniqueness to the venue's offerings and attracting new customers.

For corporate events:

  • Corporate Personalization: Print logos and corporate messages on drinks during conferences or business meetings.
  • Creating Atmosphere: Adding unique fun and interactivity to corporate meetings and seminars.

For home use:

  • Special occasions: Creating personalized drinks for home parties or family events.
  • Hobbies and creativity: Using the printer to explore different designs and improve skills as a barista.

Evebot Mini Drink is the way to winning grateful customers

These scenarios show the variety of uses for the Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1, making it a sought-after tool for both business and personal use. Each application highlights the device's ability to enhance the customer experience and add creativity to the beverage experience.

ჩვენ ვქმნით ყავის ინდუსტრიის მომავალს

Business benefits from using Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1

The Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1 offers food service businesses a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors, improve customer engagement and increase revenue. Here are the key benefits your establishment can receive:

Increase in client flow

  • Beverage personalization creates a unique customer experience that attracts new customers and encourages repeat visits. Personalized service and unique drinks make every visit memorable.

Increase in average check

  • Special offers and decorations on drinks can be used as part of marketing promotions to encourage customers to order more expensive or special drinks.

Strengthening the brand

  • Logos and branding on drinks improve brand recognition and perception. Displaying your logo on each drink conveys professionalism and a focus on quality.

Improving customer relationships

  • Customer participation in the process of creating a drink (choosing a design or text for printing) increases their involvement and satisfaction from visiting the establishment, which contributes to the formation of a loyal customer base.

Effective advertising campaigns

  • Using drinks as carriers of advertising messages during events, promotions or as part of affiliate programs increases the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Grow your business with Evebot:

These advantages make the Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1 a powerful tool for growing your foodservice business, allowing you to not only increase profits, but also build deep and lasting relationships with customers.

Technical specifications of Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1

The Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1 is a compact yet powerful drink printer designed for use in tight spaces such as small cafes or bar counters.

რისი გაკეთება შეუძლია ყავისა და საკვების პრინტერს

Main characteristics:

  • Machine Size (33x19x44cm): Ideal for areas where space is limited, allowing the unit to be placed on standard bar or cafeteria counters without significantly reducing the work area.
  • Machine weight (9 kg): Easy to move within the establishment, allows you to quickly configure the workplace depending on business needs.
  • Print size (4 to 10 cm): Suitable for a wide range of drinks, from small espresso cups to large beer glasses, providing flexibility in application.
  • Cup height (5 to 23 cm): The high tray setting allows the printer to be used even with tall cocktail glasses, expanding the range of possibilities for decorating drinks.
  • Print Accuracy (200 DPI): Provides crisp, detailed images that are critical for creating attractive and professional drink garnishes.
  • Printing speed (20 to 40 seconds): Allows you to quickly process orders, which is important in conditions of high workload of the establishment.
  • Supplies Type (Separate Ink Cartridge): Simplifies device maintenance and reduces ink replacement costs.
  • Printing colors (coffee, gold, green): The set of colors was chosen taking into account the popularity and versatility of use in various drinks and desserts.
  • Ink Safety: Food coloring and water based ink is safe to consume, FDA, Kosher and Halal approved, making it ideal for use in the food industry.
  • Ink shelf life: Unopened cartridges can be stored for up to 12 months, after opening - up to 6 months, ensures economical use.

Integration and business impact:

These features make the Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1 a highly effective solution for any service business looking to innovate and improve the customer experience.

მაგალითი იმისა, თუ როგორ მუშაობს მინი პრინტერი ყავისთვის evebot EB-FM

Versatility and atmosphere

Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1 not only improves efficiency and quality of service, but also makes a significant contribution to creating a unique atmosphere of the establishment. The ability to quickly and accurately print on a wide range of beverages and food products—from coffee and cocktails to beer and desserts—enables establishments to offer a truly personalized experience. This makes every visit to a cafe or restaurant unforgettable, encouraging repeat visits and positive customer reviews. Using such an innovative device can become a prominent feature of your establishment, attracting new guests who are looking for a unique experience.

Instructions for using Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1

Evebot Mini Drink Printer EB-FM1 is a device that requires proper handling and care to maintain its functionality and durability. Here are the basic steps and tips for using it:

Preparation for use:

  • Unpacking and Checking Contents: Make sure the printer, ink cartridge, and all necessary accessories are present and undamaged.
  • Setting up the printer: Place the printer on a stable, level surface within reach of an electrical outlet.

Loading the Ink Cassette:

  • Opening the ink cartridge compartment: Locate the compartment on the printer body and carefully open it.
  • Installing the cartridge: Insert the ink cartridge into the compartment, making sure it clicks into place.

Setup and first launch:

  • Connecting to Power: Connect the printer to an electrical outlet using the provided power cord.
  • Turning On and Calibrating: Turn on the printer by following the on-screen instructions to calibrate before first use.


  • Selecting an Image to Print: Through the application or software, select the image you want to print.
  • Placing a drink: Place a cup or glass on the printer tray.
  • Start printing: Start the printing process and wait until it finishes without moving the cup.

Care and maintenance:

  • Cleaning: Clean the printer regularly according to the instructions to prevent clogging and maintain print quality.
  • Replacing the ink cartridge: Monitor the ink levels and replace the cartridge when necessary.

Safety Tips:

  • Use only original consumables: This guarantees print quality and device safety.
  • Do not leave the device unattended during operation.

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