Evebot PrintInd - Handheld universal printer for printing on any surface

Revolutionize your business with Evebot PrintInd: the ultimate portable printer

Unleash your printing versatility

Evebot PrintInd, the leading solution for small businesses and DIY enthusiasts in Georgia, provides unprecedented flexibility. Its ability to print on a variety of materials, including metal, glass, and fabric, makes it the best portable printer for business. Solvent inks provide durability and versatility in all applications.

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A companion for any industry

Whether you're enhancing your brand presence with logo printing in Tbilisi or delving into apparel branding with PrintInd, Evebot will be an indispensable business assistant throughout Georgia. Its security features and efficient design provide a productive and secure printing environment, making PrintInd a smart investment for businesses looking to make an impression.

Evebot PrintInd is more than just a printer; it is a tool that opens up new possibilities for branding and creativity, establishing itself as a critical asset for businesses looking to stay ahead in a competitive market.

PrintInd: Universal Printer for Unrivaled Printing on Any Surface

PrintInd usheres in a new era in the world of printing, offering limitless opportunities for business, creativity and production. With its ability to use solvent inks, this unique printer is capable of printing images and text onto a wide variety of surfaces, including ceramic, glass, paper, metal and polyethylene. One of its key characteristics is its high resistance to water, making PrintInd an ideal solution for creating durable, high-quality printed products.

Main advantages of PrintInd:

  • Wide range of applications: PrintInd exceeds the limitations of traditional printers with its versatility, allowing you to print on a variety of types of materials. From promotional items to unique designer home furnishings, the possibilities are truly endless.
  • Water Resistant: Solvent inks ensure that the print will not bleed or rub off when exposed to water, which is critical for items that are exposed to moisture or intended for use in high humidity environments.
  • Durable and Abrasion Resistant: Solvent ink printing is highly resistant to UV light, scratches and abrasion, making PrintInd an ideal choice for outdoor advertising and products that require a long service life.
  • High Quality Printing: PrintInd delivers highly accurate and crisp images with impressive resolution, allowing you to realize the most complex and detailed designs.
  • Ease of use and cost-effectiveness: Despite its advanced printing technology, PrintInd is designed keeping the user experience in mind, ensuring ease of setup and operation. The cost-effectiveness of using solvent inks also helps reduce overall printing costs.

Examples of using:

  • Promotional Products: Create waterproof banners, posters and signs that can withstand the elements without losing image quality.
  • Personalized Gifts and Souvenirs: Add unique images or texts to ceramic mugs, glass objects and metal accessories.
  • Packaging: Application for printing on packaging materials, ensuring their attractiveness, protection and information content.
  • Interior Decor: Arranging interior elements such as mirrors, glass panels and ceramic tiles to create unique room designs.

PrintInd: Technical characteristics and capabilities

PrintInd represents the leading edge in the world of portable printing, offering users the unique ability to print on a wide variety of surfaces. Thanks to the use of solvent inks, PrintInd is capable of leaving durable and vibrant prints on materials such as ceramics, glass, metal and polyethylene, making it an ideal tool for professionals and hobbyists.

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Here is a detailed description of its characteristics:

  • Model: PrintInd
  • Dimensions and weight of the device: The device has compact dimensions of 52x43x95 mm and weighs 160.5 g (with cartridge), which makes it easily portable and convenient to use in any conditions.
  • Cartridge size and weight: The cartridge weighs 62.5g with dimensions of 80x44x30mm, providing an optimal balance between size and runtime.
  • Battery: Built-in 500mAh 7.4V battery guarantees long operating time, allowing you to make more than 1000 continuous prints on a single charge.
  • Charging port: Using a modern USB Type-C charging port speeds up this process and simplifies connection.
  • PrintPInd App: A companion app is available for Android and iOS operating systems, offering a simple and intuitive interface for managing printing and device settings.
  • Motion Tracking Technology: Pull-type sensor ensures highly accurate printing movements, ensuring clarity and quality in every print.
  • Print Accuracy: 300 dpi resolution allows for highly detailed images while maintaining professional print quality.
  • Print Width: The maximum print width is 26mm (1.02 inches), ideal for creating a wide range of print projects.
  • Number of cartridge uses: Each cartridge is capable of performing up to 2500 prints of 26mmร—50mm size, providing high productivity and economical use.
  • Connection: Provides a stable connection using Bluetooth 4.2, allowing you to control printing remotely and without connection problems.

Evebot PrintInd: Your Guide to Easy Printing on Any Surface

Evebot PrintInd changes the way we think about printing, offering unprecedented flexibility and ease of use. Whether you're a creative professional, a small business owner, or just someone who loves to personalize their things, PrintInd is designed to bring your ideas to life. Here's how to get started:

Unleash your creativity:

Evebot PrintInd is more than just a printer; it's an opportunity to unleash your creativity, improve your business brand, or add personality to your world. Explore, experiment and enjoy the journey of bringing your vision to life with ease and flair.

1. Setup and connection:

  • Unpack Evebot PrintInd and charge it using the included USB cable.
  • Download the Evebot app on your smartphone or tablet and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your device via Bluetooth.

2. Choose your design:

  • Browse the extensive library of designs in the Evebot app or create your own unique pieces of art.
  • You can also import images, text, and logos directly into the app, giving you endless customization options.

3. Prepare the surface:

  • Make sure the surface you are printing on is clean, dry and level. Evebot PrintInd works with a variety of materials including paper, wood, leather, fabric, etc., making it incredibly versatile.

4. Precise printing:

  • Select the "Print" option in the application and gently move the Evebot PrintInd over the selected surface.
  • The device's advanced sensors provide smooth, precise movements, resulting in crisp, vibrant prints.

5. Enjoy your creation:

  • After printing is complete, wait a few minutes for the ink to dry.
  • Now you are ready to enjoy or display your personalized item.

6. Maintenance:

  • After use, close the PrintInd cap to prevent the ink from drying out.
  • If necessary, gently clean the print head with a soft, damp cloth.

Where can I view PrintInd manual solvent printer?

Evebot PrintInd can be viewed in Tbilisi by contacting us in advance.

If you want to purchase an Evebot PrintInd handheld printer and are located in Tbilisi, we can come to your office and demonstrate its operation. You can preview our products on our social media pages.

What is the warranty period for the Evebot PrintInd printer?

The Evebot PrintInd handheld printer comes with a 1-year warranty.

Important! The device cartridge is a consumable item and is not covered by warranty. If the printer breaks down, it is repaired in China, which takes a long time. Warranty repairs are carried out only if there is a manufacturing defect or a defect in the device. Breakdowns caused by the customer or due to excessive use are not subject to warranty repair.

What images can be created with the PrintInd printer?

PrintInd prints logos, QR codes, barcodes, text, photographs.

Since the printer prints images in one color, make sure the ink color is different from the color of the surface you are going to print on for the best possible results. It is also important that the photo has high contrast and good quality. The width of the prints is limited to one inch (25.4 millimeters), and the length can be up to one meter, which is especially useful for creating long inscriptions.

How much can a PrintInd cartridge print?

The manufacturer of Evebot claims that the Evebot PrintInd device can make up to 2,500 prints. However...

This applies to the smallest and least dense images. In practice, the size and density of prints can vary significantly, which affects ink consumption. The longer and richer the images, the faster the ink in the cartridge will be used up.

How does PrintInd (fast drying ink printer) work?

Evebot PrintInd works in tandem with your phone via a bluetooth connection.

The work process is very simple. First, find the images you want and download them to your mobile device. If you need text or a QR code, you can create them directly in the Evebot app. After selecting and downloading an image, press the "PRINT" button on your phone to send the data to the printer. You can now start printing.

What surface does PrintInd print on?

Evebot PrintInd is a handheld printer for any surface.

Such surfaces include: paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, metal, plastic, glass... With this printer you can brand cardboard, wooden and paper packaging. Cups, glasses, name plates, bottles, products made from other synthetic materials.

How to buy PrintInd in Georgia?

You can buy Evebot PrintInd in our online store and get delivery to any corner of Georgia.

If you are in Tbilisi, our manager will deliver the device to the address you specified. Delivery of printers throughout Tbilisi is free. If you order a cartridge, delivery is carried out by courier at your expense. Delivery to the regions of Georgia is carried out by transport companies after payment for the goods. Printers are shipped at our expense, and the cost of delivery of consumables (cartridges) is paid by the buyer.

PrintInd printer care and maintenance.

Evebot PrintInd is a printer for industrial use with fast drying ink.

Since PrintInd uses solvent ink that dries quickly, maintenance of the device must be careful and constant so that the cartridge nozzles do not dry out and the cartridge fails. Always wipe the cartridge head with an alcohol wipe before starting work. It is advisable to use industrial alcohol, but medical alcohol can also be used. At the end of the work, repeat the cleaning process and insert the cartridge into the storage case, which further prevents drying out. Do not store the cartridge in the printer!